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Natural Stone Slab: Toronto Trend

In recent years, natural stone slab for Toronto countertops, such as granite and marble, has become more available and affordable. In the 1980s, new machinery, techniques and technologies made extracting and finishing stone slabs easier and more efficient. This meant that quarry outputs increased exponentially, putting more fine stone on the market. Fortunately, the savings realized by these new methods were passed on to the consumer, and today, fine stone accents for the home are more accessible than ever before in history. One of the most popular uses for stone slab is the kitchen countertop. Natural stone slab importers in Toronto offer a wide variety of granite and marble slabs suitable for use as countertops.
Natural stone such as granite or marble slab is a wonderful choice for homeowners. The beauty of stone not only creates a warm and luxurious feeling for your living space, but also adds resale value to your home.


Both granite and marble are available in a rainbow of colours, from deep mahogany black to pearly silvery white; from gold to burnt sienna; from cream to rose-red; from turquoise to cerise; from saffron to amber, and every shade in between. Most fine stone contains at least two colours, and some of it offers dramatic variegated patterning. Exotic marble and granite can be astonishingly vivid and dramatic. Sometimes, veining is bold, other times, patterns are subtle or near invisible.
A majority of homeowners choose neutral tones such as white, cream, tan, beige, grey, brown or black. These colours are extremely versatile; they complement any style of décor or colour scheme. But even within these neutral tones, there are many variations. An ivory granite may have many grey striations, or a brown marble may be flecked with tiny bits of gold. Grey granite is often dappled with splashes of black. Tan marble may feature waves of grey and cream. Each piece of natural stone is unique: nature’s artwork! Your countertop will be a one-of-a-kind centrepiece for your kitchen.
Toronto area stone importer-distributors often maintain showrooms where you can go to choose stone slabs and to ask questions about stone and stone installation. Select a company that has a welcoming atmosphere and a reputation for quality.

Finishes and Edges

The type of finish you choose will make a great difference to the appearance of your countertop. Most people choose a high polish for marble, since polishing brings out the naturally luminous qualities of that luxury stone. Granite can also be polished to a satin finish, but a honed finish is almost as popular. Honed (or matte) finishes are less likely to show smudges or scratches.
Finally, you and your fabricator will choose an edge for your countertop. This can be something simple like a straight or eased edge, or something more stylized like an extreme reverse bevel, a rustic rough cut or an ornate ogee.
Installing a natural stone slab countertop in your Toronto home is a wise investment and a boon to your family’s everyday life. Visit a GTA stone importer today and bring the beauty and value of natural stone home!